Street Con

As you stroll in awe through the small street, you instantly feel as if you’ve entered the portal to street art  heaven. Huge walls have been covered with the most incredible art from head to toe. Insane sculptures create a maze through the small street art heaven street. I was completely overwhelmed and in shock of how cool everything was, it was literally a portal to Camden, Soho and Venice beach. As usual, the vibe was very inspiring which of course forced me to make this my very first blog post. While choosing the outfit to wear to an event like this you have to analyze the basics. Ok so it’s street art which translates something needs to be sleek/cool, it’s art at the end of the day which means you have to put on something intriguing, and duh an overall cause that’s what stereotypical artists wear (get it right). In any outfit you have to put on something that’s you, which in my case was the pink fur scarf😊.


Boots: Zara

Shirt: Rania's Corner

Overalls: Zara

Scarf: Topshop

Bag: Exocet