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Spring Break

Taya Shalaby

The perfect spring break look is one that only requires a swimsuit. I paired my polka dot swim top with a denim on denim look to give my outfit a festival beachy vibe. I’m always one for the denim on denim but what I really think sealed the deal with this outfit was the details on my swimsuit. I loved the ruffles and the pattern, I think it definitely spiced things up. My bamboo clutch also added a tropical flair to the look which is perfect for spring. It’s not a summer look without some killer shades so I picked my current favorite, my Poppy Lissiman “Le Skinny”. The cowboy black belt gave the look a California feel, which I think makes it more Coachella appropriate. I wore this outfit to a beach party but I think it’s perfect for any music festival or a tropical get away. Even though my top is a swimsuit, because of the intricate details I can wear it as a top without it coming off as vulgar which I love. I would even pair this bikini top with high-waisted beach pants to also create a tropical look. Buy my swimsuit at Shop Veranera using my code “thestylepharaoh” to get 15% off. Happy spring break baby girls!

Jacket: Sorella Boutique

Swimsuit: Shop Veranera * Use my code "thestylepharaoh"

Skirt: Frame Denim

Bag: Cult Gaia 

Shades: Poppy Lissiman



Taya Shalaby


Veranera Swim is a Colombian born label being cultivated in New York City. They have tons of cute, sexy styles that suit any beach anywhere around the world. In preparing for my spring break I wanted to find unique styles to stand out from the crowd, and I’ve found that with Veranera Swim. I personally love the polka dot swimsuit because it’s a modern twist of a classic print, as well as the attention to detail with the ruffled string. I’m also a big fan of the quality of the product. The material flatters the body very well. Veranera also has a “try before you buy” concept which isn’t common with swimwear, so that you can try on different styles and sizes from the comfort of your own home. The package was delivered to me within a few days of purchasing it, just in time for my vacation. Use my code “thestylepharaoh” to receive 15% off your order! I can’t wait to style this two piece during my vacation, so stay tuned for more pictures to come!

Code "thestylepharaoh" 


Taya Shalaby

For this look I wanted to incorporate the trend of he season, Vinyl pants! I wanted to remain street with a twist of chic which explain the addtion of the berret, the cat eye glasses, and the mini LV. Also, I couldn't wear just any normal vans, which is why I spiced up the outfit with some color with my flame vans that I got from ASOS. Hope you enjoy the pics!

Hoodie: Topman// I cut it shorte

Vinyl pants: ASOS

Shoes: Vans from ASOS

Berret: Zara 

Sunglasses: Poppy Lissiman ( my obsession)

Bag: Vinatge Louis Vuitton I've had for ages. 

Photos by the incredible Flash-dxb. 


Fashion Forward Season 10

Taya Shalaby


Day 1:

Wearing: Top, Bedouin Studio. Pants, Alexis from Rania's Corner. Bag, Celine. Earrings, Topshop. Shoes, Nike, Shades, Chanel


Beauty look:

Sephora lip gloss on Eyes


The look:

Kylie's Cosmetics 'Mary Jo' on the eyes. Wearing: Pyjama set by Liberty London. Bag, Poppy Lissiman. Shoes, Asos.



Wearing: Top, Vintage. Skirt, from Sauce Boutique. Shoes, Golden Goose. Shades, Poppy Lissiman 

Street Con

Taya Shalaby

As you stroll in awe through the small street, you instantly feel as if you’ve entered the portal to street art  heaven. Huge walls have been covered with the most incredible art from head to toe. Insane sculptures create a maze through the small street art heaven street. I was completely overwhelmed and in shock of how cool everything was, it was literally a portal to Camden, Soho and Venice beach. As usual, the vibe was very inspiring which of course forced me to make this my very first blog post. While choosing the outfit to wear to an event like this you have to analyze the basics. Ok so it’s street art which translates something needs to be sleek/cool, it’s art at the end of the day which means you have to put on something intriguing, and duh an overall cause that’s what stereotypical artists wear (get it right). In any outfit you have to put on something that’s you, which in my case was the pink fur scarf😊.


Boots: Zara

Shirt: Rania's Corner

Overalls: Zara

Scarf: Topshop

Bag: Exocet